Florence Leclerc, Artiste internationale en danse orientale


Community and connections are core values for me. I would not be where I am today, doing what I love the most if it wasn’t from the support and inspiration of many members of my community.

As a leader, I feel it is my duty as well as a big honor to be able to create safe spaces where all kinds of people can meet and enjoy themselves as they are. 

If you also feel the call to be part of a community that values growth, mutual inspiration as well as learning with pleasure, I invite you to join my community and dare to:


Create a Space for Beauty and Grace in your life!



The Creative Local and International Ensembles are groups of dancers who are committed to create together dance pieces with meaning. These Ensembles offer a space for each dancer to express their own creativity as well as share their stories through dance. We work on a yearly project with a specific theme. 


The Creative Local Ensemble meets in studio in Montreal weekly with performances throughout the year in different events.


The International Ensemble meets online weekly with the goal of creating a video project and possible live performances in Montreal.

These Ensembles are open to all levels of dancers.

The next call for dancers to apply in these Ensembles are:

The 2023 theme of this Ensemble is: BLOOM
In this special project, we will explore the following subjects:
1) Why and how did you start Oriental Dance? What kind of dancer where you in your beginnings?
2) Since then, what have you become? What kind of dancer, what kind of artist?
3) In the near future, how would you like to Bloom? Who would you like to become as a dancer? As an artist?
Those will be our guidelines to create a solo piece that will be filmed and shared online.
Collective discussions and work will be done in the weekly rehearsals.
Florence Leclerc and Juliette Vale will be your guides through this process.
Saturdays 10am-12pm EST on Zoom
From March 4 to May 20 2023*
– No rehearsal on April 8th
– April 15 and May 6: from 10am to 1pm.
500CAD/dancer for the project*
Includes: 24h of rehearsal with two choreographers
+ Free Access to Florence’s Online Technique classes for the duration of the project.
(Classes are Wednesdays 6pm EST and Thursdays Noon EST – Recordings available)
*Can be paid in two parts, if necessary.

Join the NEW Grace and Beauty Oriental Ensemble in 2023!

  • Meet other passionate dancers

  • Train with international artists

  • Improve your dance technique, creativity and interpretation 

  • 18h+ of monthly training in studio in Montreal


For more information about the auditions: gnbmovementacademy@gmail.com



An online and in person Dance Academy that helps you become the dancer you truly are! 


A community of over 80 dancers coming from all continents and all lifestyles and dance experiences!


Join my community of students from all over the world into this journey to find yourself as a dancer and dance artist. 


Through group classes online or in person, recorded content and personal coaching, I am here to guide you through this amazing journey in the spaces I created for you to connect with other dancers like you where you can meet, share and inspire each other through the process. 


Every 4 months, at the end of each Module of my online program on Patreon, we organize an online show to celebrate the work we did.


The dancers of the Academy get the opportunity to perform and it is also the occasion to discover different dance artists that are dear and inspiring to me.


We do a Meet and Greet with the guest artists after each show where all my Patreon members can ask questions. We always learn so much from these discussions!


The 3rd edition of The Grace and Beauty Show will be on Friday April 22nd, 8pm EDT and we are hosting the unique Pierre Khoury! He will also be giving an online choreography workshop on Saturday April 23rd, 1-3pm EDT.


The Association Québécoise de Danse Orientale plays an important role in the health of Oriental Dance in Quebec. 


This association helps us to grow as a community and to shine internationally with the Raks Quebec Festival who hosts international and national teachers as well as the yearly competition open to all levels of dancers.


All the members of the administrative council are volunteers and are doing a huge amount of work every year to support our community.


Aziza and I created these events to give the professional oriental dancers of Quebec the opportunity to meet together and discuss important topics to help us understand each other and the community’s needs. 

Next edition: to be announced.



Aziza and I created and organized these events for the community to get together to celebrate, dance, enjoy live music and share moments where our love for Oriental Music and Dance can be shared. 

We wanted to create a space where we can meet without the pressure of shows, competitions or the busyness of workshops or classes. A space where we can take the time to just be together and learn about one another.


Next edition: to be announced.


“I began taking classes with Florence in 2012. I first met her in the amateur group of the Oriental Ballet of Canada, where she was teaching and choreographing. I then decided to also take her weekly classes. Right away, I noticed a difference: dance-wise, I was progressing much faster. In particular, I really appreciate her technical approach, which is really precise and leaves no room for doubt, without sapping our enthusiasm. Slowly but surely, I have developed control over my movements and their definition, serving my dancing as well as my interpretation. While it was her technical and teaching abilities that caught my interest, what really made me stay is Florence as a person! 🙂 Beyond her abilities, she is heartwarming and positive, always creating a great vibe in a group. She always takes the time to make sure that everybody understands each exercise. Her classes are well structured and she is always striving to renew herself, always willing to share what she discovered through her own work. Therefore, even though she has been teaching me for a long time and even though I took classes at different studios and schools along the way, depending on her availability, I am not left with the impression that I am running in circles with her! I’m always discovering new aspects to Oriental Dance. Finally, I like the fact that she knows how to give us constructive comments. She’s not complacent and does not get discouraged, even if sometimes it can take us time to integrate an exercise! 😉 And more than anything else, she helps us put our strength to the forefront, and it is maybe one of her best qualities. She does not believe in moulding us into a certain stereotype; she helps us become “our” own dancer.”


I love so much The Grace and Beauty Movement Academy! Every month brings a new challenge, inspiration and fun times for me. It is a friendly platform that I can open anywhere and anytime. It also offers a variety of memberships to best suits with your goals and level. The quality, well explained and break down of the movements and combinations made it very understandable, and if it is a hard movement we can always come back and try it again! After almost one year in the membership, I have built consistency and commitment to myself. I can see my progress. At the end of every month, I video record myself and send it to Florence to then receive her feedback on my performance. I love to belong to GBMA! I recommend it!!

Melissa Paz

‘’I’ve been studying with Florence though the Grace & Beauty Movement Academy now for over a year, and I love every moment! Each month I look forward to seeing what new movement nuances and combinations Florence has created for us, and putting those into practice in my own dance. Florence has such magical musicality and movement quality, and through her program on Patreon, I can come back to the monthly content as often as I like to work on the movements. I enrolled in the membership where I can film myself dancing the monthly combinations, and Florence provide audio feedback of my work. Her observations are always keenly helpful and constructive, and her warm and kind personality make the audio recordings a delight. I take notes on her feedback so that I can come back to it regularly and apply it more broadly throughout my dance, and I find the process incredibly beneficial. I love working with Florence, and I know that you will too!’’


“My first class with Florence was in a group session in spring 2012. Her ability to adapt to the different levels of her students convinced me to continue with her. In June of the same year, I began to take private classes with her, every other week. These are moments of delight in which I feel supported in who I am as an Oriental Dancer, with respect to my rythm and tastes. She succeeds at helping me surpass myself through technical combinations on various musical styles, while pacing intention and energy to help me improve as a performer. Through her great talent as an artist and also her respect for this art form, her professionalism, her musicality, her teaching abilities and her contagious smile, Florence is established and well respected in the oriental dance world. An ever-renewed source of inspiration.”