Memories of Studio 2015

Montreal – 2015

Photoshoot with the talented Philippe Latour! He is always in a good mood, he as energy, he is open-minded and always willing to try new things. He knows how to capture the right moments and it is a pleasure to work with him! 

To see more of his work : Philippe Latour Photographe

florence-leclerc-danse-dance-oriental-galerie-portraits-b-studio-6 florence-leclerc-danse-dance-oriental-galerie-portraits-b-studio-5 florence-leclerc-danse-dance-oriental-galerie-portraits-b-studio-4 florence-leclerc-danse-dance-oriental-galerie-portraits-b-studio-3 florence-leclerc-danse-dance-oriental-galerie-portraits-b-studio-2 florence-leclerc-danse-dance-oriental-galerie-portraits-b-studio-1

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International Oriental Dance Artist

Florence Leclerc is a International Oriental Dance Artist.

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